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A good mix of big and small aluminum tool boxes [2012-02-01]

Trucks Aluminum Truck Tool BoxWhether you work on a regular basis as a mechanic or just need for your weekend?s projects, the right truck tool box can greatly aid you on your endeavors. There are some features and finishes that you should look out for when buying one. To aid you on that, I’ve written this small article with 5 things you must check before making your purchase.Use this small guide to enhance your shopping experience for the right tool box. Do not forget to fully analyze your inventory before shopping since it will dictate how big – or small – your tool chest should be. You can even try to make your own wooden tool box if you are into it. I personally do not like to do that and I’ve found that a good mix of big and small aluminum tool boxes has suited me well for years

1) Analyze your inventory first. You will not want to carry all of your unimportant tools if you are not using it for anything. You will probably need to have all the necessary and essential tool for your project. This is important to decide the size of your chest.

2) Your tool box should have the appropriate materials. You can either choose wood, plastic, stainless steel, or even aluminium for the inexpensive, reliable, and rust free box. You can also easily build one from wood, or take the stainless steel for your premium chest. Not recommended ones are those made of steel.

3) The favorite kinds of tool chests are the ones with the crossovers. You will have to choose your own crossover type, and the recommendation is the slim and low lidded low-profile crossover tool to provide good rear visibility. Another option may just be the double lidded tool chest or the Gull wing, as used in DeLorean car in Back to The Future movie.

4) Checking the security of your box is a must. You will have to check the lid of the chest to make sure it is securely locked with a solid and firm key lock, which will prevent you from mugging whenever you leave your car unattended.

5) Choosing the right specialty type: there are different options here and it will really depend on what kind of pickup truck you have to fit them in. From under bed tool boxes to dog boxes, you will certainly find one to fit all your tools inside