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Aluminum Tool Box maintenance [2012-02-15]

Aluminum Tool box is one of the products belonging to the aluminum box, is the application of aluminum alloy material, to place tools measuring tools such as a box "chassis such as the great wall instrument limited is specialized in the production of aluminum alloy box, aluminum Toolbox, such as aluminum alloy box factory". Unlike other Toolbox is, this kit also features light weight, easy processing of aluminum alloy material, as well as in terms of resistance strength has incomparable advantages of other materials.

Aluminum Tool Box  maintenance

1. it is recommended that before every store leather, should do cleanup for it to dust. General cortex cortex on the products it is best to maintain the oil first oil on a clean cotton cloth, then wipe the surface evenly, avoiding direct smear of oil on the surface to avoid damage the leather.
2. inclusion of leather products of the Cabinet must maintain ventilation. Natural oils over time, the longer the leather itself or use too many times and gradually reduce, so even if the leather is very high also need regular maintenance.
3. leather strong absorption power, be noticed antifouling, high-grade abrasive sand leather, paying particular attention to. After water once a week with a dry towel and dip wring dry, gently wipe the repeated several times. If there are any holes, broken burnt phenomenon, not to repair, direct professional services.
4. hardware maintenance on the leather, with a dry cloth to clean after use. Such as micro-oxidation, try to gently rub the flour or toothpaste hardware.
5. paint surface generally leather with a soft cloth to clean. Maintenance of shiny leather, use a special leather maintenance oil damped soft cloth, slightly rubbing on the leather; maintenance of matte leather, usually just gently wipe with a cloth, if serious dirt, you can try to gently wipe the rubber-like rubber removal.

Other material bags and maintenance methods

Materials such as canvas, nylon, EVA tank cleaning, use a damp cloth or adhesive glue brush to clean the dust on the surface of. Clear when more serious stains, you can use a damp cloth or soft scrub brush dipped in the neutral cleaning agent. Storage suitcase for a long time, to remain in the dry state, to prevent mildew and odor in the box.
If using a damp cloth to clean the inside, you want to air dry before you cover. Trunk compartment should not be used, storing excess clothing causes the suitcase wheels or feet long by overload pressure and deformation. Boxes should remain relaxed state clothes belt, diaphragm, rubber band stretched taut will lose elasticity for a long time.