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Best Aluminum Tool Box [2012-03-09]

When you count on your assets for making a living, you don't have time to mess around with an inferior producer of box. Delta knows just what you need: quality, durability and protection at a budget-fitting price. And this Aluminum Tool Box delivers.

The Aluminum Tool Box  is an ideal partner to some Delta Crossover, creating a complete storage space system around your bed. It features a powerful aluminum body, a stainless lock handle and a steady beveled lid to sustain your items secure. The environment can't get at your tools, due to total environment stripping and a leak-proof handle design. Inside this Innerside, your longer assets and equipment are fully protected.

Choose the finish that greatest matches your Delta Crossover Toolbox: bright polished or dunkelhäutige powder coated. Delta includes a total set up package with your Aluminum Tool Box, and backs it acquiring a 1-year warranty.
* The Aluminum Tool Box  fits famous Delta quality right into a longer, bed rail-topping design

* Mounts for the element of your bed—the ideal partner in storage space for a Delta Crossover Toolbox

* Aluminum Tool Box es are built with Delta's legendary tough aluminum body

* Topped acquiring a beveled-edge lid that's bolstered by underside pan reinforcement

* Self-rising lid framework employs a dependable energy springtime in the middle of the lid

* Aluminum Tool Boxes employ total environment stripping that keeps dust, dirt and moisture from getting to your tools

* only one lock in the middle of the box keeps your equipment secure

* Aluminum Tool Boxes function stainless steel paddle handles that last

* readily available acquiring a bright polished or dunkelhäutige powder coat finish

* Includes a total set up package with reinforced leg supports

* Your Aluminum Tool Box is included by a 1-year warranty