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The Method Of Prevents The Tool And The Toolbox From Theft [2012-05-03]

Truck Drawer Tool Boxes

Construction and contractors retain equipment safety a best priority while on the job site. These bins could possibly be produced of diamond plate steel or plastic and have locks to secure their cargo. while specialty equipment bins come about with safety options, other methods exist to enable one to secure your current equipment box from theft. Securing your truck drawer tool boxes towards the truck bed prevents other people from taking benefit in the occasion you stroll away away from your means or commit several hours in an area much away from your vehicle.

1.Place the tool box on a flat concrete surface. just one of a wonderful tool box for this purpose might be considered a multiple-drawer tool box having a lid which lifts and closes. Closing the lid and turning the essential of these tool boxes activates the locking mechanism, stopping the truck drawer tool boxes from opening.

2.Clean the paint off of the reduce two inches of each side of the tool box using the wire brush to prepare it for welding. location the two pieces of angle metal on each side of the tool box to make certain that a lip is created. Use the MIG welder to tack weld these pieces of angle metal toward the tool box.

3.Drill one hole into each side of the lip created by welding the angle metal toward the tool box. Drill the holes around one inch from each finish of angle iron.

4.Place the tool box into the bed of the truck in which you need to mount. utilizing the electrical drill, drill four holes through the holes within the angle metal and through the bed of the truck.

5.Slip a bolt through the hole that you just drilled, then run the washer and nut onto the bolt from below the truck.